I Want to Serve

If you are attending church, but not serving in some way then you are only doing half of what God has called you to do! Each of us is given gifts and talents that the Lord has intended us to use for His glory. Capstone is committed to helping each member find their gifts and make room for them to use them within the church body and the surrounding area.  

If you know that it's time to begin answering the call to serve we have a track set up to help you meet your goals.

First, join us at our next Capstone Connections meeting to become a member of Capstone Church.

Secondly, attend Spiritual Authority with Pastor Roy Chapman.  During this 10 week course, we will be able to work closely with you to determine where your gifts can be utilized in the best way possible.

We are excited to work with you and can't wait to see it become a reality!

Want to get involved right away?  We are always in need of ushers and greeters to be a part of the First Seven Ministry– be someone who people will encounter during their first 7 minutes on campus. To get involved, email