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A Promise Kept // Part 1 of 2 // December 16, 2018 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: A Promise Kept

Passage: Numbers 23:19

We are near Christmas and I want to talk to you over the next two Sunday’s about God’s integrity toward His people. Today we’ll start by taking a look at Numbers 23:19. When God says something to His people – something to you, you can take it to the bank. Christmas was prophesied before it came to pass. Over the next two Sundays, we will look at those words to encourage you that when God speaks, a promise made is a promise kept. Today, we will look at “Believing the Unbelievable”.
God had a plan conceived from the foundation of the world. This plan was to bring His Son into the world. To make His Son eligible to be Savior, His Son must be born into the lineage of man. To make Him eligible to be Savior, His Son must also be born of God. This presented an unusual situation. God’s Son must have a human mother to be able to be tempted, to suffer, and to die. He must also be born of the Holy Spirit to be the perfect sacrifice. The timing of the birth of the Son of God was important. But, who would serve as the surrogate family for His Son? Someone must be chosen who will believe that God is able to do the impossible, the unbelievable, and who is willing to carry the revelation before they actually carry the Son of God. But, who will believe that God can do something that has never happened before?
God conceived a plan which required two humans as participants. These two people must be willing to believe a word from God that was simply unbelievable. They must be willing to believe for something that had never been done before and they must believe that God was willing to do that unbelievable thing through them. These were not people who walked around with celestial lights shining upon them nor did they have dramatic music playing whenever they were visited by the angelic messengers. They were people like you and I – people with an understanding of how things work in the world.
The word that God gave them challenged everything that they knew about the nature of where and how they lived. It challenged them to look at God’s choices and His power in a new light. They had heard of God doing the impossible from the stories of the Torah and the Prophets but now, the impossible involved them. God has stopped at 2 Nazareth Blvd. and had dropped an impossible revelation upon them. What do you do; do you resort back to what you know, or do you dare believe God? Do you dare believe that He is capable of doing what He has said? Do you dare believe that now is the time? That this is the place? That He really does intend to use you as part of the fulfillment of His plan?
We would not know Jesus nor have something to celebrate if someone didn’t believe God for the unbelievable. If someone didn’t believe that God did intend to move in the “now” – Christmas would not be known if someone didn’t believe that God did intend to use them in the fulfillment of one of His greatest moves of history. Mary believed that the Holy Ghost could produce the Son of God within her. She was not afraid of what others would say about this unbelievable plan of God. Joseph believed what God said about what his wife carried within her over what was possible in the natural. He was willing to link his name and reputation to the audacity and impossibility of God’s word.
In nine days, we will celebrate the birth of the Son of God and celebrate the fulfillment of the promise we just read. And while it is undoubtedly a work of the Spirit, it would not have been possible without two starry-eyed dreamers who believed God above everything else.
A promise made by God is a promise kept by God.
What are you believing God for?
Today’s Scriptures:
  •    Numbers 23:19 (NIV)
  •    Luke 1:26-38
  •    Matthew 1:18-25
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