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Effective Personal Bible Study // Guest Speaker Rebecca Savell // Part 2 // Wednesdays // August 9, 2017 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Rebecca Savell

Series: Effective Personal Bible Study

Passage: Jude 1

This Wednesday, we have guest speaker Rebecca Savell continuing her teaching on homiletics. Homiletics is the analysis of scripture for discourse, teaching, and application. So why is it important to study scripture in order to apply it? Because as believers, we are instructed to dig into God’s Word and live according to it!
The first three steps to homiletics is to pray about what we are about to read so God can reveal and direct us, then we need to take the content and condense it into a few large chunks that help summarize the scripture without losing it’s meaning, and finally we make further divisions to make summarizations of every few verses. The next, fourth step of homiletics with scripture is to create a subject sentence. Using our divisions from step three, we create a single overall summary sentence for the entirety of the chapter or book we just read, one that is unique to only this set of scriptures you have chosen. This lets you explain to others exactly what this section of the Bible is all about in a quick and simple response.
The fifth step in homiletics is to create an aim; what is the aim of this scripture, its purpose for being in the Bible? This allows you to better form your response and outreach to others using what you have learned; you know the scripture’s intent and its content, and this leads you to the final step, which is its application! How can you apply everything you’ve learned from this scripture to your life? What is its effect in your life or the possible effect in the lives of others?
For this lesson, we will be applying homiletics to John 10, verses 1 through 21, as well as to Jude 1:1-25. You can print the handout for this lesson here:
Today’s Scriptures:
  • John 10
  • Jude 1
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