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Evaluating the Possibilities // July 1, 2018 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Standalone Messages

Passage: Numbers 13:26-14:10

We have often wondered why God told Moses to send out the spies for an evaluation before God sent the Israelites into the land. Because one of the most effective ways to stop God’s people from doing the impossible is to ask them for their evaluation of what is possible. This group of Israelites had seen the miracle power of God first hand yet they still didn’t believe that God could do for them what He said He was going to do. Now, before we get too hard on these Israelites we must confront our own disbelief. God gives us a glimpse inside His plan for us yet we are so adept at talking ourselves out of the divine purpose of God. We have the cross to settle our fear of abandonment. We have the resurrection to combat our fear of failure, yet we still have a hard time believing that God wants to and will do what He has promised to do for us!
If you want to go further than you’ve ever been, you want to get rid of your evaluation in light of God’s proclamation! There are a few things that we can learn from the children of Israel here that will help us to move forward into the promises of God:
1.     A key to success is how you view yourself.
The children of Israel went into the land and saw the possibilities. They saw the goodness of the land. They saw the fruit of the land. But, they quickly lost focus on what was possible because their focus quickly settled on themselves. This is an established trick of the enemy. To get you to doubt God, he will point the finger at you! He wants you to believe that you are either unable or unworthy to experience what God has for you! Well, he’s right: we are unable to accomplish the supernatural and we are unworthy of the goodness God has given us. Why argue with him about an established point? That is not what this is about. This is about God’s ability and goodness. Yes, we’re His children and He loves us and because of those facts, He has decreed His plan for us. The children of Israel made the mistake of putting themselves and the enemy at the center of their evaluation of God’s plan. “We look like grasshoppers to ourselves and the enemy! The enemy is bigger!” This is the language of failure in the Spirit. We evaluate based upon God’s Word not height, depth, width, size, or other insignificant points.
It doesn’t matter how others view you but how you view yourself and that view better line up with the Word of God! (1 Samuel 16:7)
2.     A key to success is knowing who’s with you.
The children of Israel didn’t know themselves because they didn’t know God. When you don’t know God you won’t know you. Our identity and ability is found in our relationship with God. He tells us who we are. He tells us what is possible. He tells us where we will end up. Now, the enemy will try and take this directional position in your life but you cannot allow him to! You must keep your evaluations based upon the Word of the Lord! You ever have a big brother with you? His presence gives you confidence. You’re under the shadow of the Almighty! How much more confident should you be?
3.     Success depends upon who is leading you.
In this reference, I’m not speaking of the leading of the Lord  but who is your physical leader? When the people became discouraged, they said, “We need a change in leadership! We need to find someone who will agree with our evaluation and take us back to a place of safety and comfort!”
You need a leader who will challenge you to live at the level of your impossibility! When you reach the level of your impossibility then you will experience the possibilities of God! We like success but you need a leader to take you beyond success to the supernatural! It is only at this point that we see the reality of God!
Today’s Scriptures:
·    Numbers 13:26-14:10
·    1 Samuel 16:7
·    Romans 8:31
·    Psalm 91:1-2;7
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