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Free At Last // Part 6 // Wednesdays // May 30, 2018 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Free At Last

Passage: Romans 5

Tonight, we are going to chapter five to pick up some truth regarding the peace we have with God. The believer is Jesus lives in a wonderful position. Through faith, the Bible says that we have been justified through our Lord Jesus Christ. We are not justified through works. We are not justified through confession. We are not justified through joining an organization. We are justified through trusting in, clinging to, and relying upon God through the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through our alignment with Jesus, a door has been opened for us to receive all the benefits of the new covenant. These benefits are not controlled by or deterred by the occurrence of negative circumstances. Alignment with Jesus as Lord opens the door for these benefits; a door the Bible tells us that no man can shut.
Romans, chapter five talks about one of the great benefits of the new covenant: peace with God. Peace comes to us in a couple of different forms as a believer:
  1.     Peace of God – undisturbed composure that comes from an unshakeable confidence in the character (heart) and power of God.
  2.     Peace with God – Relationship that comes through Christ’s active work to bridge the gap between God and man by dying for our sins and paying the price for our justification. The knowledge that nothing has the power to separate us from the love of God.
Romans five speaks to us of the believer’s peace with God. So many people, even many believers feel as if God is their enemy; just looking for an opportunity to punish them for some weakness or thought. In chapter five, Paul gives us three truths that serve as a basis for our peace with God:
  1. Everything that happens to us is working toward our progress and God’s glory.
Verse two states that everyone who lives by faith in Christ has the hope (confident assurance) of experiencing the glory of God! Verse three states that everyone who lives by faith in Christ has the hope (confident assurance) that tribulation is not an agent of destruction but production in the life of the believer. Tribulation is necessary to build character.
  1. Christ died for us when we were His enemies so that we would know our relationship with Him is not based on behavior.
Have you ever wondered why Jesus didn’t come to die for sin right after Adam sinned in the Garden? I believe that one reason is so that there would be so much tangled mess caused by sin in our history; stuff that could not be fixed by us in our past giving us no other option than to rely upon the finished work of Christ for our relationship with God rather than our ability to live right and fix messes!
History proved; the law proved we could not live right; even with a guide to lead us. We had so much mess in our past that could not be fixed and our nature was so flawed that we were doomed to repeat our past failures. Wanting us to have this knowledge as part of our history, God waited to send His Son so that there would be no doubt that our relationship with Him is one based upon love: Him for us and us for Him apart from our performance.
  1. Grace is more powerful than our failures.
Old Testament saints could not keep the law without fault. That’s why included in the law was a sacrifice for sins. The Old Testament saints faith rested; not in their ability to keep the law but in God’s grace evidenced in the sacrifices for their sins. The law was their tutor; but God was their Savior. Today, God is still our Savior through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is our guide, living the righteous requirements of the law through us!
For those who don’t understand this: sin appears to be overwhelming grace. But for those who receive the finished work of Jesus as the basis of their relationship with God and rely upon the Holy Spirit to live God’s life within them, grace is overwhelming sin! Sin only has power in the present. Grace has power in your present; your past; and your future! Grace has defeated sin’s control in your present; grace has forgiven and redeemed the sin in your past; and grace has gone before you and commanded the sins of your future to bow their knee before God and serve His purposes!!
Today’s Scriptures:
  •    Romans 5:1-21
  •    Revelation 3:7
  •    Colossians 3:15
  •    John 14:27
  •    Ephesians 2:13
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