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HOME // Part 2 // February 25, 2018 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Home

Passage: Genesis 13:3-4

This week, Pastor Parkey teaches Part 2 of our new series called “Home” about how you live your life outside of church; it examines your home life and acts as a call to the place of prayer. He looks at “Building An Altar” and the importance of creating a regular place of prayer. We read in Genesis 13 how God calls Abraham to a new place, but gives no further details until he arrived there; God is calling you to a place and is not obligated to say more to you until you move to that place.
Build an altar where God shows you! An altar serves as a meeting place and as a reminder of promise. Prepare it as a meeting place with God that is special. When we begin with a desire, develop a discipline, and then ultimately find delight in prayer, then we are fulfilling our call from God! This isn’t something God wants to force onto us, and wants us to do it out of love and delight!
There is a reward waiting for those who spend quality time with God. Your life will take on a new dimension once you answer the call to the place of prayer!
Today’s Scriptures:
  • John 14:19-23
  • Isaiah 51:1-2
  • Genesis 13:3-4
  • Genesis 12
  • Psalm 37:4
  • Jeremiah 29:13
  • Matthew 5:6
  • Mark 14:37-38
  • Psalm 16:11
  • Matthew 6:6
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