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MEGA // Part 2 // June 3, 2018 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: MEGA

Passage: Romans 1:18-32

Last Sunday, we began a series called, “Mega”. The series is an in depth dissection of the Great Commandment. A synopsis of last week would be “the foundation of the Word of God is that we love the Lord more than anything else. Through having this foundation in place, we receive love for others, even our enemies. If this relational priority is not in its proper place in life, there is no “good” you can do or be that compensates for it.”
You will notice that the beginning of verse 24 makes the statement “Therefore God also gave them up….” There are a few things to notice here; when man fails in his purpose which is to live to glorify God, a process begins.
  1.     The individual begins to suppress the truth.
No matter how often he prays or goes to church – no matter if he calls himself “Christian”, the individual has left the truth of his purpose behind. This indicates that he no longer believes “all” of God’s Word, in essence: calling God a liar. The suppression of the truth means that, even though the person knows the truth – they fail to possess the truth by acting upon it. They willing reject the truth in favor of another idea. When we cease to live for God’s glory, we inevitably begin to live for our glory even if that which gives us what we want comes through religion. Jesus is the Word. You can’t love God and not love the Word.
  1.     When the Truth is rejected, a new “truth” is created.
At the point we reject God’s Word, we create an idol. This corruption causes us to move away from real Christianity and begin to live a Christianity of our own making. God’s Word defines our nature, our emotions, our responses, our motives, our world, our purpose, etc. At the point we reject His definition, we must create our own, so that life and behavior makes sense. If we reject God’s purpose for our lives, we create a new purpose for living. If we reject God’s definition of love, we create a new definition of love. If we reject God’s definition of the world, we create a new definition of the world, etc.
Let me ask you a question: in this type of “Christianity”, who is in charge? Who is “god”?
  1.     At the end of this road lies the anti-Christ.
Once you start down this road, you embrace the corruption that God is necessary only for certain things. But, the full and ultimate expression of this belief is that we are defining things, so God is not necessary. In fact, not only is He not necessary, but His beliefs are contrary to what we want and therefore, His Word is our enemy and so are those who embrace them. What if you were left alone – no one who believed the truth of the Word around you and the government/church was demanding you conform to a belief that rejects the Word? What if that “church” was doing signs and wonders in the midst of its rejection of God’s Word? What if they said you wouldn’t eat or you wouldn’t live unless you change your beliefs? You’ve already changed them before this to suit yourself: what makes you think you won’t change them again? In this scenario, there is still “religion” and the worship of a god, but who is the god we are worshipping?
Today’s Scriptures:
  •    Romans 1:18-23
  •    Romans 1:28-32
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