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On The Edge // Part 3 // August 5, 2018 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: On The Edge

Passage: Genesis 12:11-20

We are continuing on in our study called, “On The Edge” – a study that details the adventure and excitement that comes from following God. We are focusing on the life of Abram or Abraham as he is better known as an example of what it is like to follow the Lord. The first week, our topic was centered on not settling for less than God has for you. Last week, the teaching focused on a life altering word from God. Today, we study what we'll be calling, “The Next Step”.
Abram had followed the word that God had given him about leaving where he was to go to where God wanted him. He understood that God was going to do something dramatic through the place God led him to.  But how was it going to happen? There were many obstacles standing in the way of the fulfillment of God’s word to Abram. One Sarai was barren. How is God going to provide descendants for him? Two, the land that God was giving him was in a severe famine. How could he even remain here and how was God going to provide for him? He accepted God’s call. Now, how is God going to handle the real challenges that exist? If you have accepted God’s call for your life, you will face similar obstacles. Saying “yes” is important but you must see God do miracles or your calling is going to die on step two!
Abram was learning to trust God and the journey was sanctifying him of his doubts and fears. Have you ever done what God told you to do only to find that there was no job waiting for you or that people at the place of your obedience weren’t lined up to greet you? Instead of asking God what to do, Abram made a logical decision: let’s go to Egypt where the water is always flowing in the Nile Delta! This decision revealed a fear that Abram had and, beyond that, a lack of regard he had for his wife. We are thankful to God that He is kind in dealing with our weaknesses and our lack of knowledge. Three things to learn from this:
  1.     Ask God what to do when facing obstacles.
  2.     God is gentle with us when we are learning.
  3.     Once you know something, if you repeat it, it is no longer because you don’t know but because you don’t want to.
Thank God for God! He redirects Abram, protects his wife and sends him back to where he belonged! Now, look what happens when Abram trusts God. Abram returns to Canaan. Lot is with him and they are unable to dwell together because their possessions are too great. Strife is beginning between Lot’s people and Abram’s people. This time, instead of heading toward what looks like a good option, Abram corrects his mistakes and show regard for Lot and trust in God. He gives Lot the option of where he wants to go. And, whatever is left over, Abram will take it. Lot makes the same mistake Abram did at first and looks at what he can see and chooses what looks good. Abram shows regard for Lot and trusts God and takes the step that God opens for him. Sacrifice for others – taking the step God opens for him. 
Man of God in process!!! Adventure of a miracle in process!!! Will you take the next step based upon what looks good or based upon what God says? If God opens a door less than what you expected, will you trust him?
Today’s Scriptures:
  •       GENESIS 12:11-20
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