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Sorted by Passage: Genesis 1:1 19

Things Created // Pastor Steve Beaulieu // Wednesdays // July 11, 2018 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Steve Beaulieu

Series: Things Created

Passage: Genesis 1:1-19

This Wednesday, Pastor Steve Beaulieu teaches a message out of Genesis to share the truth of the creation of the universe. Sharing statements by major pastors from around the world who claim evolution is total fact and that the old testament is...

Capstone Church Sermon - “Origins” - Part 1 - Perspective - January 24, 2016

Series: Origins

Passage: Genesis 1:1-5

Today, Pastor Parkey discusses Perspective and its meaning to the church. A mental view or outlook An understanding of how aspects of a subject relate to each other and to the whole. The ability to perceive things in their actual...

Producing Fruit // Wednesdays // December 21, 2016 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON // Audio Podcast

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Wednesdays

Passage: Genesis 1:11-12

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