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Capstone Church Sermon - Generational Authority - Part 4 - Brokenness - September 20, 2015

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Generational Authority

Passage: Psalms 34:18

Today, Pastor Parkey teaches on the fourth key to the abiding presence of God in the church body, titled "Brokenness"!   Psalm 34:18 Psalm 51:17   Broken: fractured, broken in pieces. Contrite: crushed. When we are broken, we are...

Capstone Church Sermon - Guest Speaker - Byron Easterling - Unlock The Treasure - August 9, 2015

Preacher: Byron Easterling

Series: Guest Speakers

Passage: Psalms 92

As children of God, we are the Prodigal son. We wallow away our inheritance, waste our potential and amount to impure, unclean servants. But when God sees us returning, He runs to us while we are still at a distance! And best yet, He looks past...

Season of Promise // Part 3 // December 17, 2017 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Season of Promise

Passage: Psalms 105:16-19

This week, Pastor Parkey Cobern continues our Christmas series “Season of Promise,” with part 3 “The Power of Promise.” During this teaching, Pastor Parkey delves into the power of God’s promises towards us. This...

HOME // Part 1 // February 18, 2018 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Home

Passage: Psalms 127:1

This week, Pastor Parkey teaches a new standalone word called “Home” about how you live your life outside of church; your home life. For part 1, he looks at “Whose House Are You In?” It’s important to remember the...

The Power of Unity // September 24, 2017 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Standalone Messages

Passage: Psalms 133

This weekend, Pastor Parkey Cobern teach on the power of unity, and what that should mean to us. Looking at Psalm 133, we can see the extent of Biblical unity established. First and foremost, unity is the state of being united or joined as a...