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Powerhouse // Part 3 // August 6, 2017 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Powerhouse

Passage: Acts 3:1-10

This Sunday, we continue our series “Powerhouse” with part 3, taking a look at what happened in the early church once the power of the Holy Spirit fell. Before the Spirit came, the believers had one initiative: wait. After the Spirit came, that changed to GO. People became drastically changed and attracted the attention of outsiders, and the structure of the church was changed! After the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the church began to pursue the apostle’s doctrine, relationships, commitment to one another and Jesus, and the dominion of the kingdom of heaven through prayer! We become more bothered and touched by the infirmities of others, wanting the best for them and salvation for them!
We want kingdom manifestation into the lives of those around us, particularly those who are struggling. We need to realize that sometimes these kingdom realities are manifest through overcoming and not deliverance from our situation. We have been entrusted with the greatest gift on earth: the Name of Jesus! Peter released the Name and a man was healed, which is the evidence of the reality of Jesus. Every time the reality of Jesus is released, the community is forced to respond!
All manifestations of the kingdom are the result of the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Listen to the Spirit, because sometimes He will tell us no or later for praying for others over certain situations, because again, sometimes the kingdom is manifest through overcoming a situation rather than deliverance from it!
Today’s Scriptures:
  • Act 3:1-10
  • John 21
  • Luke 10:2;9
  • John 5:19
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