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Soul Man // Part 4 // April 29, 2018 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Soul Man

Passage: John 3:3-7

Today, we will finish the series entitled “Soul Man,” with a look at the part that love plays in healing of the soul. Before we go there, let’s look at the other two things we talked about that free and heal the soul. Firstly, the blood of Jesus! The blood of Jesus shed through the death of Jesus provides for the payment of the penalty for our sins and frees us from the control of sin. Not just our own sins, but sins committed against us by others. Remember, dead people are not controlled by habits. Once they die, the habit ceases. In the death of Jesus, we too are dead to sin: its control, its definition, its guilt.
The other deliverer of the soul is the resurrection power of Jesus! Once you die in Christ, the only way to live is through the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit makes all things possible. And, it provides the ability for us to believe the Words of God and provides the ability to do the works of God. It creates excellence of soul.
You could study the love of God the rest of your life and you will! But for now we will examine how love brings healing to the soul, starting in John 3:3-7. Something we learn from this is that If we were not parented right the first time, we must be reparented. If a proper foundation of love was not established the first time, it must be built.
Christ heals our soul wounds through love in two primary ways:
1.     A one on one love relationship with Jesus.
Christ takes us where we are and loves us into health. His love heals the wounds of our soul. Soul wounds are usually caused by neglect, abandonment, abuse, disappointment, tragedy, etc. While God does not take a huge eraser and make those things disappear, He does speak tenderly, authoritatively, and specifically to each hurt. This process takes time and attention on our part. We can’t be so busy that we never take the time to allow God to speak to these hurts in His presence. If you don’t focus, your healing will take years. This healing happens through words of affirmation, acceptance, visions, dreams, pointing out of blockages and the confrontation of lies and unhealthy, unbiblical beliefs that have been forged about us, God, the world, and others in the face of our pain. We can get through it and open ourselves to God by fulfilling 1 John 4:15-16.
2.     The same thing that hurt you.
That is, through people! If you have a phobia of heights, how will you get over it? If you have been wounded by people, how will you get over it? By not being around people? No, by being with healthy, godly people! Not a cord of just two strands, but a cord of three strands will be the best and quickest way to live under God and receive His healing love!
Today’s Scriptures:
·    John 3:3-7
·    1 John 4:15-16
·    Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
·    Ephesians 3:14-21
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