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Tell Somebody // Part 3 // May 21, 2017 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Tell Somebody

Passage: John 4:5-26

This week, Pastor Parkey Cobern continues his series on sharing the gospel, “Tell Somebody,” with part 3, “Don't Go Down The Rabbit Hole!” When sharif the gospel, we need to be careful about being led in a rabbit hole and killing our chance of leading another person to salvation! We see the perfect way to handle rabbit hole questions in John 4 as Jesus spoke to the woman at the well.


There are many responses we will see from people who don't want to receive Christ, including cynical responses, “what qualifies you to tell me this stuff?”, “I'm too far gone,” dragging you into a religious controversy, and saying they'll consider it someday but just not today.


One of the biggest ones that we will hear today is “how do you know Jesus is the Son of God and not just a great teacher?” Well easy, have you read His teachings? He Himself said He was the Son of God! Also, what other religious leaders died and came back from the dead?


Another question we will hear is “How can such a loving God allow people to go to hell?” Well, do you even believe in hell? Does anyone deserve to go there? Hell was created only for Satan and his demons; those who willingly opposed God and rejected Him. Sadly, it isn't God but people who allow themselves to go to hell. Another question is “why would God send people to hell who never heard the gospel?” No one wants a person saved more than Jesus, and it is our responsibility to just share the gospel; their salvation is in God’s hands.


A BIG argument people have is “I'm a good person, I will go to heaven!” Nobody can be a “good enough person,” especially in comparison to others, to ever get into heaven! “How can God create and allow evil?” He didn't; we drew evil into this world when we disobeyed God through the free will He granted us. “Well why are there so many denominations? Which one is right?” Why are there so many different clothes, restaurants, movies and music? People have different desires and tastes and like to follow that which makes them feel the best about themselves and live the life they want to! There is only one truth; the Bible!


Our biggest issue is that we are collectively trying to be Christian and “good” without following the entirety of the Bible and everything it teaches. We may pick and choose what suits us, and say “that doesn't apply to me,” but we must follow His instructions in full! So we need to get into our Word daily, and not worry about people's judgment of us over their eternal salvation! Just TELL SOMEBODY, avoid the rabbit hole questions, and if you didn't get to lead them to Christ, you at least planted the seed for the Holy Spirit to begin to work in their life!


Today's Scriptures:

  • John 4:5-26


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