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The Poor House // Standalone Messages // October 21, 2018 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

Preacher: Parkey Cobern

Series: Standalone Messages

Passage: John 11:1-44

This week, Pastor Parkey shares a special word for the church for the coming year. There is no greater king than Jesus, one of His names is King of Kings. Most kings or rich celebrities stay at the finest hotels in town whenever they visit a certain city. Jesus, the King of Kings, would often visit Jerusalem, and when He did, He had a preferred place to stay: Bethany. Last time we were in Israel as a church group, our tour guide Rony pointed out a town on our way to Jerusalem and said, “That town over there is Bethany. The name Bethany means “poor house”.
Instead of staying in the finest hotel in town as other kings and celebrities are known to do, Jesus would stay in one of the poorest parts of the area when He visited. It was at the poor house that Mary poured the very expensive spikenard ointment upon Jesus. It was at Bethany that dinners were given in Jesus’ honor. Jesus loved the people of the poor house. The Spirit revealed to Pastor Parkey that Capstone was like Bethany to Him. Not poor in material things but poor in spirit. That was what attracted Him to Bethany and that is what is attractive to Him about Capstone.
To give you an idea of what is being said about Capstone, read the Amplified version of Matthew 5:3. It was at Bethany that Jesus did probably His greatest miracle before He died, was buried, and rose from the dead as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Through His actions at Bethany, the Spirit reveals what He has planned for you in the time to come.
  1.     Extravagant Manifestation
Jesus said that those who are poor in spirit will see the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven. It was at Bethany that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. This miracle blessed the lovers of Jesus because it was a revelation of His dominion and love. This miracle exasperated His enemies because it was evidence of who He said He was. God revealed Himself to Moses as the I AM. Jesus revealed Himself to Bethany as I AM. Get prepared for expressions of the kingdom of heaven now!
For those of you who have a problem that seems beyond hope, this word is also for you. Lazarus was not only dead but he was in decay. All hope was lost. Even the sisters didn’t believe anymore for kingdom manifestation in the “now” when considering the state of Lazarus. Jesus is the Savior of the Stench! If your problem is so far gone that it is dead and in decay, kingdom manifestation is for you!
  1.     Extravagant Worship
Love was the reason Jesus preferred Bethany. That which we love we honor. While Jesus’ ways were sometimes strange to those who loved Him, Bethany was a place of staggering acts of honor and devotion. This is the house of extravagant worship. The house was filled with the extravagance of devotion. If you continue as a people who are not thieves of my glory, then this house will be filled with the fragrance of that glory!
Today’s Scriptures:
  •    John 11:1-7;14;18-26;34-44
  •    Matthew 5:3
  •    Psalm 102:13 (NIV)
  •    John 12:1-8
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